Poor Sanitation, Aburaso-Asamang
Poor Sanitation as far as Public toilet is concerned.

Arguably water is life, but the ironical nature of this statement can also be distressing.  Community water systems and water safety campaigns are vital ways to safeguard the health of every community.  Up to 60% of the human adult body is water.

Water and sanitation are very essential in every community because not only does it help to reduce communicable and water borne diseases caused and spread by unwholesome water but also it could potentially affect childhood nutrition via at least three pathways: intestinal worms, Environmental Enteric Dysfunction and repeated bouts of diarrhea and all three of these pathways are mediated by enteric pathogen exposure that can be prevented.

The public health department together with traditional and political leaders in the community ensures that the community have access to affordable and potable water. The department through education and awareness creation helps to change residents’ attitudes and behavior to improve water safety and ensure proper sanitation.

The department through durbar and Community Health Management Committee Meeting in their CHPs zones also discuss and educate the community members on how to protect their rivers, streams and also prevent water pollution and practice good sanitation. This also helps them to know the health, socioeconomic and environmental benefits of water.

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